27 nov 2010

Color power RED

This morning I saw a rainbow …

Can you remember how many colors a rainbow has? Right, seven colors, seven, like the chakras in a person's body: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Seven colors, we look at every day, but without thinking about the meaning of them, and how they influence our live.Cardstock 8x8 Red

The first color is RED.

RED is the color of live, of passion, of love; which woman won’t be happy to receive a bunch of red roses? It is stimulating, vital, enthusiastic, energetic and it is related to success. It symbolizes strength, power and self-confidence. It is warming and if you are suffering cold feet, buy red socks next time to keep them warm.

But what can RED reveal, if it is your favorite color? It is the favorite color of many people, especially extroverts, or of people who wants to become more extroverted. RED as favorite color shows that you are hard-working and ambitious, positive and optimistic, generous, warm and forgiving, but also impulsive.

If you dislike RED you are likely to disturb and upset others and may need to learn, how to control emotional outbursts, which can help you to eliminate feelings of anger.

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